Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size companies do you cater to for Daily Dining?
A: We serve Daily Dining clients that employ between 100 and 1000 people.

Q: What "style" of food do you specialize in?
A: .We combine the freshest seasonal ingredients to create eclectic menus that reflect the best of Northern California and Globally-Inspired Cuisine. Menus often include updated, lighter versions of comfort foods, and Southern, Latin, or Asian influences.

Q: Why do your menus change daily?
A:  We prepare hundreds of exciting recipes each year. People often comment that it seems as if they are eating meals from a different, delicious caterer each day. Our constantly changing menus also enable our clients to enjoy the best of what’s available in any given season.

Q: Do you accommodate special diets?
A: Yes: Many clients request menus that include both Vegetarian and Vegan entrees and a full salad bar including fresh ingredients and clean protein. We also label each dish with common allergens such as nuts, shellfish. gluten, and dairy,

Q; Is your food healthy?
A: Yes! We provide enough variety for people to choose lower fat and lower carbohydrate options. Every menu keeps balance in mind with plenty of vegetables and grains, sustainably sourced seafood and locally sourced produce.